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Dr. Kevin Hadidjaja


As a dentist, I believe that I have the obligation to educate and improve the quality of life for all my patients using the skills that I have earned through my years of training and experience. Medical research has demonstrated that oral health has a drastic impact on our overall health. Also, our smiles play a significant role in our oral function and self-esteem. I take pride in working in partnership with my patients to solve their dental problems and to fulfill their esthetic ambitions.

I strive to treat my patients with respect and understanding as I would with my own family, carefully listening to their concerns. After spending the time building relationships with my patients, I develop comprehensive, individualized treatment plans for them. My aim is to always provide high quality, comfortable dentistry using the most advanced techniques to achieve the best results. Whether a patient needs a crown or an implant, I will ensure that they are relaxed and satisfied.

My favorite part of being a dentist are my daily interactions with patients. I love meeting families and developing a strong, lifelong relationship with the community I work with. As your healthcare provider, I will always serve with integrity and pride.

Dr. Hadidjaja spends his time surfing and cycling when not at the office. He is an avid cinephile and enjoys going to the movies with his fiancée, Cathrine.