Invisalign® in Camarillo 

Barely Detectable Modern Teeth Straightening Solutions 

Invisalign® is a groundbreaking treatment in orthodontics making it possible to straighten crooked teeth without the need for brackets and wires associated with metal braces – a thought that makes many adults uncomfortable. 

What is Invisalign®?

This option takes a different approach to teeth straightening with “invisible braces” that are actually clear plastic aligner trays, or retainers, that you pop in and out of your mouth whenever necessary, such as to eat or brush your teeth. The trays are smooth, comfortable, and convenient, and this cutting-edge treatment has minimal interference with your lifestyle. In fact, most people won’t even be able to tell you’re wearing them. 

How Does Invisalign® Work?

Your teeth will gradually shift into the desired position as you wear your top and bottom aligner trays at least 21 hours per day, every day, and change out the trays for new ones that are a little tighter every 2 weeks. You will need to see your dentist every few months to get a pulse on your progress as your teeth move little by little until they are finally in the position your dentist has prescribed. Typically, patients’ Invisalign® treatment plans last anywhere from 6 to 18 months. 

Can I Have Invisalign if I've Previously Had Braces? 

Many people who've previously had braces opt for a more discreet teeth-straightening solution after their teeth shifted. Invisalign is certainly an option for people who are looking to straighten their teeth again without the use of traditional metal braces.  

What Happens After Completing Invisalign Treatment? 

Regardless of whether you've had traditional metal braces or Invisalign treatment, it's important to use a retainer to prevent teeth from moving back. Your orthodontist can help you make a more informed decision. 

Who is a Good Candidate for Invisalign as a Teeth Straightening Treatment? 

While Invisalign can be effective for many individuals, certain factors make someone a particularly good candidate for Invisalign. Here are some criteria that make someone suitable for Invisalign treatment:

  • Mild to moderate teeth misalignment: Invisalign works best for individuals with mild to moderate orthodontic issues such as crowded teeth, gaps between teeth, or minor bite problems. Severe cases may require alternative treatments like braces.
  • Commitment to treatment: Successful Invisalign treatment requires wearing the aligners for 20-22 hours per day and changing them every 1-2 weeks. It's important to be committed and diligent about following the treatment plan.
  • Adults or responsible teenagers: Invisalign is often preferred by adults who desire a discreet orthodontic option. However, responsible teenagers can also be good candidates if they can adhere to the treatment requirements.
  • Good oral hygiene: Since the aligners are removable, good oral hygiene practices are essential. Candidates should be committed to maintaining proper oral hygiene by regularly brushing, flossing, and cleaning their aligners as instructed by their dentist.
  • No major dental issues: Invisalign is not suitable for individuals with severe dental problems such as significant jaw misalignment, large overbites or underbites, or complex bite issues. These cases may require alternative orthodontic treatments.
  • Willingness to visit the dentist regularly: Throughout the treatment process, candidates will need to visit their dentist or orthodontist for periodic check-ups and to receive new sets of aligners. It's important to be able to commit to these appointments.

Our qualified Camarillo dentist can determine whether you are a good candidate for this teeth straightening treatment. They will assess the individual's oral health, examine their teeth, and consider their specific needs and goals before providing a recommendation. 

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The Benefits of Invisalign®

Patients choose Invisalign® for its advantages like these:

  • Effectiveness: Invisalign® works just as well as braces, and typically are worn for a shorter duration.
  • Easy care: You only wear your aligner trays for 2 weeks, so they don’t have long to become discolored or worn-down in that time period.
  • Removable: Eating and brushing your teeth is much easier with Invisalign® versus braces, and you can eat whatever foods you enjoy without restrictions.
  • Practically invisible: The aligner trays are clear and practically undetectable, even when you look at your own reflection in the mirror!
  • Comfort: You may feel tightness when you pop in the brand-new aligner trays, but you shouldn’t feel pain or cheek irritation.

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