Dental Crowns, Bridges & Dentures in Camarillo

Restorative dentistry means restoring your whole smile

Whether you have missing, broken, cracked or badly discolored teeth, you know your smile can never be complete without a full set of white teeth. That's where our Camarillo dental practice can help! We're proud to offer a range of restorative dentistry options, including crowns, bridges, partial or full dentures, and tooth-colored restorations.

Dental Crowns and Bridges 

Often called caps, crowns are restorations placed over teeth that have lost a great deal of their natural structure. Dental crowns can be full-porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal or full-metal. Bridges are used when there’s a missing tooth between two healthy teeth. 

The bridge essentially has a prosthetic tooth in the middle fused to dental crowns on either side. Making a crown or bridge includes preparing the teeth and taking impressions. A temporary crown or bridge is placed on your teeth and the impressions are sent to the lab. In the lab, specially trained dental technicians fabricate a precision-fitting crown or bridge. They send the completed restoration back to Dr. Mansourian and Dr. Costantino so they can make the necessary checks and adjustments and place the restoration. 

Implant-Retained Dentures and Partial Dentures 

Implant-retained dentures offer denture wearers a option from traditional dentures. Patients will gain increased function and gain self-confidence with implant-retained dentures and partial dentures. The procedure requires minor surgery to implant small titanium posts in your jawbone. These small posts act as anchors for your new, custom-made implant-retained dentures, which are simply snapped onto the posts. Your implant-retained dentures are held securely in place and the discomfort and distress of slippage is completely eliminated.

Are you needing bridges or dental crowns in Camarillo? Contact us at (805) 987-2701 to schedule a consultation with our experienced dentists. 

Signs You May Need a Dental Crown 

If you experience any of these signs, consult our Camarillo dentist to determine if a dental crown is necessary: 

  • Extensive Tooth Decay: Deep cavities that compromise tooth structure.
  • Cracked or Fractured Teeth: Visible cracks or fractures that risk further damage.
  • Post-Root Canal Treatment: Protects and strengthens a tooth after root canal therapy.
  • Large Fillings: Replaces large or failing fillings to provide additional support.
  • Cosmetic Enhancement: Improves the appearance of misshapen or severely discolored teeth.
  • Tooth Weakness: Restores strength to weakened teeth, preventing further damage.


Restorative Dentistry

 Partial Dentures and Full Dentures 

Losing one or more teeth can be devastating to your smile. One of the least expensive ways to replace several missing teeth is with a partial denture. It’s a specially made appliance that’s designed and fabricated to fit exactly into the space of a missing-teeth smile. Full dentures are designed and fabricated to recreate all your upper teeth and/or lower teeth to restore your bite and chewing functions and your smile. When made right, dentures can be used without messy adhesives and feel natural (once you adjust to them). High-quality dentures also restore your bite and chewing functions. Though dentures are removed for sleeping, they require the same home care as your natural teeth. 

Tooth-Colored Restorations 

Your new crown or bridge is designed to match the color of your other healthy, surrounding teeth. By paying attention to details such as the matching the exact shade of your teeth, we can help restore your whole smile. 

Don’t live with missing teeth or a gap-tooth smile. Call Dr. Page Mansourian at (805) 601-6459 or simply use our convenient Request an Appointment form and get your smile back on today.

  • “I can’t say enough about Dr. Mansourian and all of the staff!!! Everyone is always happy and smiling. Totally a very different experience for me because I’ve never been this relaxed in a dental chair! ”

    - Glen B.
  • “They are top notch, providing state of the art dental care, a comfortable environment & a caring kind staff who we consider our friends! ”

    - Lisa D.
  • “The office is crisp and clean, Dr. Mansourian is approachable and friendly, and the entire staff are a delight to work with. ”

    - Zach S.
  • “he office is crisp and clean, Dr. Mansourian is approachable and friendly, and the entire staff are a delight to work with. ”

    - Zach S.
  • “I totally recommend this dental office to anybody looking for a Dr, and staff that genuinely care, and go above and beyond to make your experience an excellent one!! Thank you to Dr. Mansourian, Dr. Constantino and staff for helping me smile confidently ag ”

    - Anthony G.
  • “Dr. M and his team are exceptional. Everyone working at the front office has a great attitude and is very professional. Anyone who is looking for an honest and well-educated dentist, should look no further. Thank you Page Mansourian Dental team. ”

    - Shayan Z.
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